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My favorite cleaning products

I have to confess that I enjoy cleaning somewhat. Mostly because I can envision the end of the process, the sparkling home that I will then be able to enjoy life in (or collapse in bed in if I am too exhausted from cleaning). Lately, I have been following Becky at Clean Mama. I love …

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Ten Things I Love About Living in the South

It’s hot right now. And humid! And just, well, icky outside. Makes me miss my northern California days, where we had to wear a sweater sometimes on summer nights. So, I’ll try to focus on the positive… here are ten things I love about living in the South 1. Fireflies (thanks, hodgepodgemom, for reminding me!) …

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Rainy Day…cookies and an old movie

It’s a drab, rainy day.  This kind of weather can drag me down, until I remember it’s a great day to bake cookies and pop in an old, black and white movie! I love black and white movies! Why? Well, here are some reasons: Great acting! Think of those long scenes with pages and pages …

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