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My favorite cleaning products

I have to confess that I enjoy cleaning somewhat. Mostly because I can envision the end of the process, the sparkling home that I will then be able to enjoy life in (or collapse in bed in if I am too exhausted from cleaning).

Lately, I have been following Becky at Clean Mama. I love how she divides all the basic cleaning chores into days of the week, leaving weekends for catch up, special projects, or just fun! While I’m into my renewed vigor for cleaning, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products. This post is not sponsored; these are just actual products I use and love. Here are my Top Ten favorite cleaning products (and tools):

Good old-fashioned rags. Just like my grandmother used to use. Yes, they have to be washed and are sometimes gross. Just wash them with other gross things–such as throw rugs or your shower curtain. They don’t even have to be folded to be put away–my mom had a container that she threw all of our clean rags into. When cleaning needed to be done, or there was a spill or liquid mess on the floor, you just grabbed one. I toss soiled rags into a bucket into the laundry room (my basement) til wash time. I prefer rags to paper towels– they actually do the work better and I like the feel of cloth in my hand better than paper. There is less waste and fewer purchases. Win win.

Mop with removable (washable) microfiber pad. Just wash it with the rags above! These are great! They absorb so much and really get the job done. I like to use them with:

Method wood for good cleaner. Everyone I’ve recommended this to comments on the smell. Think Christmas cookies. Mmmm! Makes your mopping experience so much sweeter, literally. If you have hard floors that are not wood, Method makes a hard floor cleaner in scents such as lemon ginger and spearmint sage. I order my Method products (and many other household products and cleaning tools) from Grove.co.

Rubbing alcohol is what I use to wipe down my bathroom counters and surfaces (alternatively, I use Mrs. Meyers Clean Day spray. Grove.co has many Mrs. Meyers scents to choose from, but your grocery or discount store should have a few. Scent is very important to me when cleaning. It makes the whole experience more pleasant, which is why I think someone got the idea way back to put scent into cleaning products.) You may wonder why I use alcohol when I just said I love yummy scents, but in a way, that’s a yummy scent too because it smells clean to me. I only like it in the bathroom though. I mix rubbing alcohol and tap water in a spray bottle at a 50/50 ratio. Just spray everything and wipe with one of those clean rags you have.

Also in the bathroom–Bon Ami for the toilet (this is a natural product and super cheap), and my magic formula for cleaning tubs and showers…

Blue dish soap and white vinegar. Just mix 1/2 cup heated white vinegar and 1/2 cup blue dish soap in a spray bottle, shake, and spray all over the tub and shower surface. Run the fan or open a window, as the vinegar scent is strong! (This is NOT a scent I prefer. But nothing has ever gotten my tub or shower cleaner in less time.) I leave for a few minutes or longer, come back, and grab a large sponge and wipe the whole thing down. I only have to use a little elbow grease to get the grimiest grime off with this concoction.

Baking soda can be substituted for Bon Ami with similar results. I’ve used it in the toilets, on stubborn counter and sink stains, and, if the vinegar scent chokes you to death, you can use baking soda and blue dish soap on the tub/shower. Just make a paste of it, rub it on the worst grimy areas, let sit, and come back with that damp sponge. You should get the same results as the white vinegar combination without the strong smell.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser–how did we live before this product?! Use this to get fingerprints off of woodwork, spots off of linoleum, crayon off walls, to clean the stove, stainless steel–the possibilities are endless. I keep one next to the bathroom sink for a quick touch-up (of the sink, not me) after I get ready in the morning. When you have a tough stain on a wood or other surface you can’t get rid of, grab Magic Eraser.

(If you’re counting, this is #11, but we’ll count it as a bonus): rubber gloves. Save your hands and use these. I spend a little extra for the fleece-line ones. They are better quality and better for your hands. Rub some thick hand cream or coconut oil on your hands before putting the gloves on and cleaning will actually be giving your hands a little spa treatment.

What are your favorite cleaning products? Any great ones I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Sources: Grove.co for microfiber rags (you could also cut up old towels or t-shirts) and Mrs. Meyers and Method products. These and the rest of the products can also be found at your local grocery or discount store. I usually just use the store brand, although the Magic Eraser is better when you buy the actual brand.

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