A cup of coffee and two slices of pumpkin bread on a white plate, and a white pumpkin, all on a wooden slab.
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Best Pumpkin Bread

Fall is finally here! Ok, we’ve had a few very warm days (many, actually!). But it has cooled off some, and the leaves are turning and falling and there’s just that certain something in the air. If that doesn’t tell you it’s fall, maybe the sight of pumpkin-filled porches will! (Do you ever see a …

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Eat dirt!

Mothers everywhere, it is now ok to let your child eat dirt.  And worms!  This fun recipe below is surprisingly similar to my friend over at Hodgepodge’s “Edible Sand” which she reposted from http://householdways.blogspot.com/2011/06/edible-sand-dessert.html. After I made “Edible Sand,” I realized I’d made this dessert 15 years ago with my then-4-year-old, with one change… regular Oreos …

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