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$100 Room Challenge-Week 3

Mr. Muse and I have been busy. Meaning, busy with our jobs and our life, with teensy bits of time to get DIY projects done. Which is why I’m loving the $100 Room Challenge from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry.

Our DIY history

Ever since Mr. Muse first picked up a paintbrush and transformed his parents’ old wooden bed frame into a beautiful piece for our guest bedroom (I wish I had a picture but I don’t), we have been making everything better that it was in our power to do. Our budget has always been limited (three daughters 😉 and we have seen that as a challenge rather than a limitation.

The trouble is, we usually go all-out, and start a project and don’t stop until we finish it. Which leaves us exhausted! So when I heard about the $100 Room Challenge, I knew we could make DIYs work better for us by splitting them up into little increments, working on each increment one Saturday at a time, and then stopping until the next week. Less pressure, and more time to think the project through (and go out for pizza!).

Week Three

So here we are at Week 3. (You can see what we did in Week One here; and Week Two here.) Mr. Muse bought a 1 x 2″ board to use for shelf supports. He cut it into 8″ lengths, and pre-drilled the holes for the screws.

boards cut with holes pre-drilled for screws

He then measured for the shelves, and used drywall anchors to mount the supports.

shelf supports mounted on closet wall

We later painted the supports the same color as the walls.

The next step was to install the shelves, which we had stained with a dark walnut finish that we had left over from a previous project. (The shelves are actually stair treads!)

Newly-installed stained-wood shelves in a white-painted closet

The stained shelves are gorgeous next to the white walls! I love the look– I may not shut the door ever!

The last step was, I thought genius. We installed battery-powered puck lights out of sight (since they’re not attractive). We now have plenty of storage for kitchen and office overflow, and still have room for guests to put their things.

Coming next week…

I ordered some storage baskets from The Container Store. As soon as they come in, I will arrange the things I need to store, set the baskets attractively on the shelves, and then let you see the final outcome. And the closet will look like that forever, and never get messy again. 😉

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