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Window Seat in a Weekend

This multi-paned window in a little nook was crying out for a window seat.

This space at the top of the stairs was crying out for a window seat! I have always wanted one; have you? When I was growing up, it seemed girls in books always had a window seat… a place to look out and watch the sunrise or sunset, the birds playing in the trees, and the squirrels scampering about on the lawn below. When we looked at this house, one of the first things my youngest noticed was that it had a this little nook that was crying out for a window seat, and she had every confidence that her daddy could easily build one.

Walnut stain adds depth of color to the new window seat, which is surrounded by white walls and flanked by a paned window looking out at a huge, leafy tree.

I can’t believe we waited so long, because it really was easy to build! The seat is made of two stair treads back-to-back with the rounded edge facing out. The frame and the shelf beneath are made from “common boards.” The frame is floating — it fits snugly into the nook and is screwed into the wall. Chair rail trim finishes the edge on the front of the bench, and everything is stained with Minwax wood stain in Provincial. (And if you think I did ANY of this, you have more faith in my carpentry skills than you should. 😉 This was all conceived and built and stained by my talented hubby. I did do the styling and take most of the photos.)

An assortment of colorful children's books lines the shelf under this window seat.

I was going to order a cushion for the seat, but I couldn’t find one I liked, and this pillow from Hobby Lobby that I already had looks great! I also shopped my house for the lantern, and then I brought out my collection of children’s books. Some are from my own childhood, and some belonged to my girls. In any case, books are meant to be read! I have been known to reread many a children’s book myself, and these will be here for little ones who visit us as well.

The whole project cost about $75 (for lumber and hardware–the stain was leftover from another project). The pillow was 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and the rest I already owned.

I am so happy with how this turned out! What’s your favorite DIY project in YOUR house, or what space in your house could be transformed in a weekend?

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