Two losses

My washer died today, after fifteen years of loyal service.  It died during a wash cycle, as I was loudly informed while trying to vacuum on the other side of the house and hearing my fourteen year old, the least dramatic child I gave birth to, scream, “Oh no!  Help!”   I turned off the vacuum and ran the distance from the other side of the living room to the laundry room.  “Aak!  Water!”  An inch of water poured from the laundry room into the small hallway and continued into the kitchen.  I grabbed some towels as my husband ran into the room and we began to mop it all up.  Ten or fifteen years ago, I would have been freaking out.  I think I’ve learned over the years that little crises (and yes, this is a little one), are not worth getting upset over.  They happen everyday, and everyone has them.  Feeling sorry for myself because I lost an appliance or my car broke down or a bill accidentally went unpaid and incurred a late fee doesn’t help anything.  It’s not a great time for us to have to purchase a new washing machine.  But even if we couldn’t, I could use my in-laws’ washer (another reason to be thankful they live right up the street), or my neighbor’s washer… I’m friends with two of my neighbors, and we would glady lend to each other.  Worst case scenario, I could go to the laundry mat… that’s what we did back in our first days of marriage.  My hubby and I could go together, and make a date of it.  We could bring some cards, or those books we’ve been wanting to read.  Or plan our dream vacation to Europe while waiting for the clothes… a vacation we’re farther from now, considering the expense of a new appliance, but one we will dream and plan for, because we choose to.

It’s all the way you look at things.  Which is why I am happy about my one pound loss this week.  It seems like I did a lot of work for one pound, but I will be happy I lost one, didn’t gain one.  I didn’t feel miserably hungry.  I gave up wheat almost completely, and my tummy feels better inside.  I enjoyed my week, and it didn’t seem that difficult.

I remember when my last washing machine broke and I purchased this one.  My belly was swollen with child.  That child is now a teenager.  How the time has passed, and my blessings have increased.

Farewell, loyal appliance.  I shall replace you with the exact same model, or the closest I can get fifteen years later.


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