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Right at the beginning of my new resolve, I had to take a trip with two of my daughters and one of their friends, stay in a hotel, and occupy myself during a ballet competition I did not need to be at the whole time.

Did I pig out?

I am happy to say, I spent the time wisely, considering my new plan.  Traveling with budding ballerinas helped.  They didn’t want to eat anything “bad,” so we brought healthy snacks and meals for the hotel.  Here’s what I traveled with:

In the cooler:

string cheese


almond milk

baby carrots

hummus (A little tip… hummus will eventually get all gooey and icky inside due to the ice melting in the cooler and water seeping in.  Only bring hummus if your hotel room will have a fridge.)

In the grocery bag:

almond/rice crackers

almond butter


oatmeal packets

protein bars (the kind with more protein and less sugar)

tea bags

a bit of dark chocolate (I promised to be good… never promised to give up chocolate entirely.  It has antioxidants, after all!)

Lastly, we brought a case of bottled water.  I still had to buy another one!  Ballerinas and dieters get thirsty.

I also brought workout clothes and tennis shoes.

While the ballerinas were rehearsing, and I did not need to be at the theater, my elder daughter and I entertained ourselves.  There was a wonderful riverwalk, so we walked!  Nevermind the temp was in the 40’s that day… five minutes into it I was comfortably warm.  We also used the workout room.  That, plus a lot of incidental walking on the trip helped me not only to move and burn calories, but to feel great.  The last day, we walked around at a street fair, soaking up the sun at a whopping 72 degrees.  (Florida in January is so unpredictable!)  I’m a firm believer in getting one’s Vitamin D, so this was an added benefit.

Outside the hotel, and on the road, I made the wisest choices I could at restaurants.  Asian chicken salad at chick-fil-a (order it with grilled chicken and leave out the friend wontons… do add the salted honey almonds, though!).  No soda!  Not even diet… just water or tea with meals.  I had already kicked the soda habit, so that was easier.

I feel like I’m losing weight.  We’ll see on Wednesday, when I’ll have my first weekly weigh-in.  Check back then for celebration or consolation.

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