Top Ten Things to do While Waiting

I spend a lot of time waiting, especially for my children.  Whether it’s various lessons, the dentist, or youth group, it seems each year my “wait” time gets longer.  Yet my list of things to accomplish is also long.  What to do?

I found the solution.  I grab a totebag and throw in some of those “to do’s.”  Here are 10 things I can do while waiting in a lobby, or even in the car.

1.  balance my checkbook

2.  pay bills

3.  write thank you notes

4.  catch up on phone calls

5.  clip coupons

6.  read those magazine articles I’ve been wanting to read

7.  plan menus or grocery lists

8.  fill out forms that need my attention

9.  plan lessons or grade papers

10.  read my Bible/pray

And one more thing… although I love to accomplish things and check them off my lists, sometimes the best thing to do while waiting is just sit back, breathe, and think about the One who created me, blessed me with these wonderful children, and gives me the energy to get through each day.

I will meditate on all Your work, and muse on Your deeds. Psalm 77:12

6 Responses to “Top Ten Things to do While Waiting”

  1. Kerri says on :

    What a pretty site! And I love the top tens idea. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store :)

  2. DaisyMuse says on :

    Thanks, Kerri! =)

  3. Rose says on :

    Here are my “top ten things to do while waiting” in random order lest you think less of me.
    1. phone calls
    2. journal
    3. file fingernails/ manicure
    4. menu plan/grocery list
    5. scripture memory
    6. read
    7. pray
    8. enjoy a cup of coffee and just sit and wait and listen
    9. listen to music
    10. DREAM :)

  4. DaisyMuse says on :

    Rose, I didn’t think of #3…perfect idea to pass the time and pamper at the same tiem!
    #8 is one reason I love you…I would think to drink the coffee while doing some work. You know how to just enjoy the coffee and the moment!

  5. Tricia says on :

    Oh, I learned something new in my old age! :) While waiting for big sister during her piano lesson – younger sister sat and practiced buckling the seat belt herself. Now why hadn’t I thought of that before? I wouldn’t have taken the time (or had the patience) at home. But there we were. And now she can do it herself! I thought of you and your top ten and had to come share the victory!

  6. DaisyMuse says on :

    Love it, Tricia! Kept her busy and she learned a skill at the same time. I saw on facebook that you were also cleaning out your purse during that time? So you actually accomplished 2 things while waiting!

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