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What’s So Special About Today? My Story


October 29th is a special day for me.  I’ll always remember this date many years ago.  I was a college freshman and something happened that changed my life forever…

I grew up in church– a church that emphasized works and prayers and “doing good.”  The impression I got was that, overall, if I was a good person, God would let me into Heaven one day.  As long as my good outweighed my bad.

Then I entered highschool.  The further I got into my teens, the more the “bad” outweighed the “good.”  I began to be concerned that God would not accept me.  Little did I know that the God I did not know was drawing me to Himself.

Off to college I went, continuing in my pattern of doing what I wanted,  though I knew it was wrong.  I desired to be a “good person” but sure didn’t feel like one.  I grew more concerned with the state of my soul, yet did not know how to redeem myself.  I stopped going to church– they didn’t seem to have the answers, anyway.

Then God sent a young couple into my life who told me the truth about Jesus– the truth found in the Bible.  I can sum it up in one verse, John 14:6:  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”  It was through Jesus I could be sure of eternal life, because He had sacrificed everything for my wrongdoings.  Did this mean I could “have my cake and eat it, too?”  Not at all–no true believer wants to continue in the old pattern of wrongdoing, or “sin” as we call it.  

With this faith in Jesus, simply trusting that through Him and Him only could I have forgiveness, came a new direction in my life.  I found it easier to do what God wanted me to do.  I learned more about what that was from reading His Word.  I wanted to serve Him, because He loved me so much that He died so I could have eternal life.

I wanted to outline what being “a Christian” is and isn’t, just in case someone is confused:

Being a Christian is NOT:

Being perfect

Having the right to angrily criticize or hate those who believe differently

Being happy all the time

Being problem-free

Being a Christian is:

Being forgiven

Not fearing death

Knowing that whatever hard times or challenges I face, God is with me and has gone before me

Having joy, not always happiness.  Happiness changes with circumstances; true joy comes from Jesus within.


My life was permanently changed that long ago day, and I have never regretted my decision to put my faith in Jesus Christ.

How about you?  What’s your story?


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When Chicks Leave the Nest (They Fly!)

I love Skype. This morning/early afternoon, I spent two hours chatting with my middle girl, my ballerina, the second of my three chicks to leave the nest. She’s 1,000 miles away, which is why I really, really love Skype. Investing in my girls is time well spent.

Often lately, I am asked how I am doing with two of my girls not only out of the house, but each in a separate state at least a day’s drive away.  I think I disappoint people when I tell them I am doing well.  Not miserable, not sitting around the house crying, not wishing they’d stayed home and worked or gone to school close by.  We tried to raise our girls to be strong women of God and to follow their God-given dreams, even if those dreams would one day take them away from home.  The older two have begun their journeys–one at a large Christian university where she studies worship music; the other with a small, Christ-centered ballet company to study and minister through dance.  We know that the same God we raised them with is with them and will take care of them.  Our eldest daughter’s freshman year, this knowledge was tested–another story–and God was, of course, faithful.

I firmly believe that were our girls still at home, neither one would be happy or fulfilled.  I’m not saying this is true for everyone by any means–many young people stay around home to pursue their next steps and are perfectly content.  But that’s not the case for my girls, and I don’t have to have them close by to be happy.  Their visits have been and will continue to be a highlight for me and the rest of our little family still at home, but knowing they are content and growing spiritually, emotionally, and socially where they are makes me happy they are there.  Just seeing my ballerina girl today on Skype, and hearing her stories from the past week (one of which is ALWAYS a klutzy or airheaded adventure–like mother, like daughter!) in her cheerful, bubbly voice, made me smile.  God has her where she is, He will keep her and protect her, and I can rejoice that she is in His care.

I love these verses from Jeremiah:   “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11; NIV)  Do not worry, mama of a chick soon to leave the nest.  He is good, He is faithful, and He has given your baby big dreams.  You can smile at her happiness and rejoice in His goodness.

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