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A little less eaten; a little more lost

I’ve lost another pound, and I’m afraid it’s the last one. I don’t even want to get on the scale next week! Someone asked me what I’ve been doing and I said “just watching it.” I’m afraid that’s going to stop working and I’m going to have to do something drastic, like cut out all carbs. In the meantime, I continue to eat smaller portions, especially at lunch, and have the occasional bite of chocolate.
As with any long-term goal, the end result will happen because of consistency. Setting a goal doesn’t make it happen; that’s just the first part. One must work continuosly, daily, towards the goal, not giving up, even if setbacks are encountered. And every day, small decisions must be made. Like the decision at my nephew’s birthday party not to take a serving of cake and ice cream… just to take a few bites of my husband’s. And to down it with lots and lots of water. By the way, I learned a great tip awhile ago about parties… to keep yourself away from the snack table, become the unofficial party photographer. It gives your hands something to do besides pick up chips!

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