Yard Sales…. The frugal way to shop!

It’s that time again…the beginning of spring and of yard sales! I get giddy just thinking about waking up early on a Saturday morning, putting hot, strong coffee in a take along mug, and heading out in my van, extra seats removed, to the nice neighborhoods north of me. Here, on sunny weekends, I can always find several good yard sales.

Why go “yard saling”? Well, first of all, it’s the frugal way to decorate your home! I obtain many needed or wanted items for my home at yard sales…all purchased at rock-bottom prices and in decent condition, simply because someone wanted to get rid of them.

Here are some of what I call my “golden finds”:

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2 thoughts on “Yard Sales…. The frugal way to shop!”

  1. Kimmy, what a great article and so well written! You and Brian have always been so good at how you buy yard sale items and make them look so new and pretty. Your pictures are great, especially the kitchen one! It looks like something out of a decorating magazine! I’m so looking forward to once again sitting in your pretty kitchen having meals with all of you or having a cup of your yummy coffee while knitting baby booties, or playing Scrabble with all you girls, or just chatting and laughing with my beautiful granddaughters. I wish everyone could see how beautifully your house is decorated. ♥

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