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Top Ten Favorite Simple Pleasures

My favorite things to do when I have a little “me” time…these can be done on any budget!  Please add yours in the comments section…I’d love to hear from you!


1.  Sitting by a warm fire on a cold evening

2.  A hot bubble bath

3.  A good book (and time to read it!)

4.  A piece of rich, dark chocolate

5.  Baking cookies  (yes, I eat the dough, but I do not recommend that for several reasons!)

6.  The warm sun on my neck as I pull weeds from my garden

7.  Playing the piano just for fun

8.  Watching 50’s tv programs

9.  Paging through decorating magazines to get ideas (ok that was the 2011 version…there is also Pinterest!)

10. Sipping my hot morning coffee while looking out the window when no one else is up

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Simple Pleasures”

  1. what about cooking with your hubbie on the rare occasion that the kids are all out of the house? that’s one of MY favorites…

  2. Here are my Top 10!

    1. Lighting a candle
    2. Receiving a hand written note in the mail
    3. Classical music while cooking
    4. Hot bread coming out of the oven
    5. Cup of coffee or tea
    6. Star gazing
    7. People watching
    8. Sinking my teeth into chocolate
    9. Walking through a garden
    10. Hearing those I love tell me they love me

  3. Don’t think I can come up with a top ten list because that would mean doing something deffinately NOT on my list….thinking. haha. However, today I did something wonderful… I packed a pic-nic lunch and the boys and I took Pumpkin for a walk and had our pic-nic by the lake. What a beautiful day!

  4. Here is my Top Ten list:

    1. Spending time with my precious children and grandchildren
    2. Playing boogie woogie and ragtime on the piano
    3. Strumming my guitar
    4. Enjoying a cup of peppermint coffee
    5. Reading a good book
    6. Hearing Emmalyn and Logan call out “Gamma”! and “GaGa”! when I arrive
    7. Knitting and crocheting while watching TV
    8. Pulling over and gazing at a bush full of bright, colorful flowers
    9. Walking outside on a nice, cool, sunny day
    10. Last but not least, thanking God for all the simple pleasures he blesses me with

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